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The Bible says in Joel 2:28, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy…” The Bible is filled with promises for our children! The Mighty Series is a compilation of children’s books taken directly from the Word of God without the side of political correctness. There isn’t a junior Holy Spirit for kids; they can walk in the fullness of their calling and destiny right now. As you read these books to them, know that you are ministering to their spirits, and building them up to be everything God has called them to be!


It all started in 2013 when Adalis Shuttlesworth was on the hunt to buy children’s bible stories for her daughter Camilla. Every book she read to her daughter diluted the Word of God and lacked principles that she desired to instill in her. In her moments of frustration, she heard a clear instruction from God to start her own book series for children. Even though Adalis knew nothing about writing books or illustrations, she gave it her best shot and started sketching out drawings for these books. However, Adalis was not satisfied with her drawings and decided to recruit an illustrator in her quest to create impressive graphics for the series. So in 2014, Adalis reached out to the only artist she knew on FaceBook, yet never heard back.

Not having an artist stalled the vision two years until Adalis felt a strong conviction to start looking again for an illustrator. Where did she re-engage the search? Instagram. At the time, Instagram did not utilize any complicated algorithm and would show posts from people relevant in your network. Little did she know, a professional artist was in her circle. She came across @Justifii on Instagram. A drawing of Moses struck her eye and she reached out to Justin Stewart. She assumed he worked for Pixar and lived in LA and doubted that he would respond, but within 24 hours he responded! Apparently, Justin lived in the same State and was a huge fan of Jonathan Shuttlesworth, Adalis’ husband. Justin had volunteered at their crusades and listened to Revival Today actively on YouTube. After Adalis shared the vision for the book series, Justin was on board, in fact, he had a similar vision to create a book series for kids and told his wife that he had a desire to give strength to their ministry. Justin had already started some concepts on his own for a children’s book in his spare time.

Now here’s the fun part of the story. When Justin asked which story should kick off the series, Adalis said “Fierce, the story of David and Goliath”. Justin had already begun sketching a drawing of David on his own prior to meeting Adalis.

Together, with the help of the Mighty Series team, they launched Fierce in 2017, Chosen in 2018, and Confident in 2019. Their vision is to continue to grow the series and to arm this generation with engaging stories to promote the Gospel. We pray our story inspires you to follow through with the vision God gives you. He will answer and give you the people and provisions to see it through – as the word says “Then the Lord answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it.” [Habakkuk 2:2]. So go forth and may you be blessed in heeding to your instructions [Proverbs 29:18]


The Mighty Series is a compilation of children’s books taken directly from the Word of God without the side of political correctness. There isn’t a junior holy spirit for kids; they can walk in the fullness of their calling and destiny right now. The Bible says in Joel 2:28, “Your sons and daughters will prophecy…” The Bible is filled with promises for our children! As you read these books to them, know that you are ministering to their spirits, and building them up to be everything God has called them to be!



Meet the minds and hearts behind the Mighty Series Collection

Adalis Shuttlesworth


Adalis Shuttlesworth is the visionary behind The Mighty Series, which was birthed out of prayer in 2013 when she discovered that the world needed better versions of Bible stories for kids. She recently self-published three graphic novels with a goal of sharing the raw unadulterated Word of God to the next generation. Adalis has been in full time ministry for more than a decade with her husband Jonathan Shuttlesworth. They are the founders of Revival Today and together they’ve traveled the world teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Prior to Revival Today, Adalis attended Zion Bible School and served as a youth leader for a church in the Boston suburbs. She was born and raised in Framingham Massachusetts with her four siblings and moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 2012. In addition to her pursuits of expanding The Mighty Series Collection, Adalis leads the annual Radiance conference for women, hosts The Adalis Podcast weekly, is a guest speaker for Revival Today Live on CTN, and co-hosts Vidotionals, a video devotionals series with her twin sister Maglis Griffiths. Adalis and her team are looking forward to expanding The Mighty Series Collection in the years to come. 


Justin Stewart


Justin is the talented artist behind The Mighty Series Collection. His keen eye for aesthetics and detail can be attributed to his training as a fine artist and illustrator. Born and raised in Woodbridge, New Jersey, Justin now lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania with his wife and two sons. He is the founder of Justifii LLC., which serves as a brand design and consulting agency. With a heavy emphasis on brand uniformity and language, Justifii serves its clients with customized, striking peripherals in the form of websites, print materials and illustrations. In addition to creating corporate brands, he has illustrated several children’s books and graphic novels, including Fierce, Chosen and Confident. 

Prior to launching his own agency, Justin served as the Graphics Director for Raceseng Inc. located in Alburtis, PA where he spearheaded the company’s brand overhaul and managed all aspects of the brand for over three years. Justin graduated from Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design and then served as the Creative Director of Raceseng. When Justin is not busy with art projects, he fills his time serving and applying his gifts in several capacities. 

Magalis Griffiths


As Head of Operations, Magalis Griffiths oversees the pre and post-production activities for The Mighty Series Collection. She plays a critical role in ensuring all processes are scalable and smooth. The cross-functional perspective she brings has been critical to the organization and has yielded optimal productivity. Her charming sense of humor is an added bonus and the team has thrived under her leadership.

Born in 1984 on the same day as Snoop Dog, she is a twin to the lead Author of the Mighty Series Book Collection, Adalis Shuttlesworth. Magalis was raised in Framingham Massachusetts along her four siblings. In 2008 she married Abel Griffiths and they have two children, Anna and Issac. In addition to being Head of Operations for the Mighty Series, Magalis is the Executive Director for Revival Today where she frequently joins Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth on live broadcasts. She also co-hosts weekly Vidotionals with her twin Adalis and the Adalis Podcasts. 

Magalis has many additional talents aside from ensuring Revival Today and The Mighty Series are running efficiently. She oversees the logistics for Radiance Women Conference and oversees the annual Festival of Life Crusades which has brought thousands of people each year. Although she still can’t swim, she is an elite Yelper and has mastered the art of knowing if you love or hate peanut butter with just one look.

Rachel DaCosta

Rachel was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and has always had the aspiration to help others. She later graduated from the River Bible Institute and in 2016 happily joined the Revival Today team, where she has been helping ever since. She is a lover of ALL dogs (especially her Golden Doodle Nala), she has someone who looks just like her – her identical twin Sarah! Like a true Texan, Rachel has an abnormal obsession with chips and salsa… Oh! She is also the narrator for the Mighty Series Audio books and a contributor on Mighty Series Radio.

Jessica Turcios

Jessica was born and raised in Massachusetts. Jessica graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a Bachelors in Mathematics and truly enjoys spreadsheets. You can find Jessica on the floor hanging out with a dog at any and every social gathering, turning into a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru, or breaking a sweat at the LA Fitness smoothie bar. She is mostly known for her talents in singing, dancing, acting and none of the above. Jessica is fortunately, one of the contributors to the Mighty Series Radio.

Alayna Reyes

Alayna is one of the voices on the Mighty Series Radio. Alayna is a rad girl from central Pennsylvania, who loves eating food and a good 4 hour nap. Alayna graduated from the River Bible Institute in 2018 and joined the Revival Today Team in 2019. Alayna loves animals, she has a cat of her own named Donuts. Her favorite time of the year is Christmas and she thinks it’s never too early to listen to Christmas music. When Alayna is not at work you can find her eating a whole pepperoni pizza and probably binge watching a Netflix show.

Patrick Franz

In 1989, Patrick Franz was born on a brisk September morning in Germany. He was raised amongst tigers and bears in Kenya, East Africa. He graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Management with a focus in accounting and finances, Sum-A-Cum-Nada. He now works for Revival Today as the Director of Finance. In his spare time, he enjoys sitting on a couch and staring at a blank wall. Occasionally, you can find him watching airplanes land at the airport.

Sara Vidulich

Sara works in the media department at Revival Today. She got into video editing at the age of 15 when her parents brought home an iMac. She started recording and editing her amazing YouTube videos all on iMovie and thankfully has had much improvement since then. She graduated from River University in 2018, and moved to Pennsylvania right after to join the media team. She enjoys brisk walks to the kitchen to make her coffee, taking photos on her phone until she is out of storage, and strongly believes that pineapple does in fact go on pizza.

Rom DaCosta

Rom DaCosta is a Brazilian black man. He is the media director of revival today. His love for media sparked when he was 14 and he made a video called craporting, where a man takes the fastest poop that it caused him to teleport… it’s true, search craporting on YouTube and you’ll see! He loves to create video, music & food. That is all.

Courtney Patterson​

This is Courtney with the Revival Today Media team, but you can just call her the new girl. She can be found and heard singing off key in the shower and also in the Mighty Series audio books as the voice of Queen Esther. 

Tiffany Farley

Tiffany is the taker of pictures, the baker of pies, and mildly obsessed with the internet. Born in Maine she began eating lobster at just 3 weeks old. She really loves (actual) coffee and about 3 people.

Nick Hancher

Hey! My name’s Nick and I’m a member of the media team here at Revival Today. I’ve seen the 2004 film Napoleon Dynamite at least 100 times and have no intention of stopping.

Joel Ortiz

Hey my names Jay and I work in the media department at Revival Today. My greatest accomplishment is having watched through “The Office” a total of 73 times (wish I was joking).

A Letter to the Parents

I am beyond excited to share this series with you! As a mother, I fully understand the need for a more precise understanding of biblical principles. Our children do not need a watered down version of The Bible. They are brilliant, unaffected by doubt, and not jaded. Now is the time to begin to instill principles that will impact them for the rest of their lives. They can learn now, that they don’t have to live in fear. They don’t have to deal with the issues of this world; they can rise above them, and be victorious like David!