Happy New Year! 

As we begin a brand new year, it’s imperative to make: first things first! 

Taking time out to pray and fast is making first things first. Most people have a tendency to start the new year with a focus on health, fitness or breaking bad habits –  but I challenge you to fix your eyes on Jesus! 

Year in and year out, with the best intentions, we set goals that are, sadly, broken by January 8th. Putting the Lord as the number one priority of the new year, sets you up for uncommon success. 

So, how do you fast? Webster’s dictionary says: “Fasting is to abstain from food”. There are a lot of folks out there that want to “fast” social media or television. If that was considered true fasting, everyone who ever lived before the 1930’s had fasted their whole lives! Push away the plate, y’all! The Holy Spirit may lead you to take a break from social media or television but the true meaning of fasting is to not eat food. We do it do pacify our flesh! There’s no greater stronghold than food! Ask Adam & Eve. 

When you abstain from eating, you make your SPIRIT take the lead. All of a sudden, the voice of the Lord becomes clearer. The loss of direction is replaced with laser point accuracy. What seemed impossible changes to already done! 

I want you to challenge yourself this year. Involve your children! When you pray, have them pray. If they’re old enough, have them engage in missing a meal for the day. During this time, set your goals for the year, journal your progress, and watch how the Lord transforms your life! 

Study the Word of God when you’d normally have a meal. Remember, fasting is just a health benefit if you don’t involve prayer! So take time to pray and hear the Word of the Lord everyday.

By putting prayer and fasting into intentional practice, your life will never be the same! This is your year. This is a year of divine favor for you and your family. What you’ve struggled with for years, can no longer follow you another day – in Jesus name!

We’ve already begun our 21 days of prayers and fasting. Will you join us? We have meetings at 12pm and 7pm Monday-Friday. Follow along as we pray and declare that this year will be our BEST Year!